About Mary Van Beusekom, MS, ELS, MWC

I have earned a bachelors degree in journalism and biology from the University of Minnesota and a masters of science degree in technical and professional communication from the University of Wisconsin. I completed my pre-med coursework and later became certified as a Editor in the Life Sciences by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences in 2011 and as a Medical Writer by the Medical Writing Certification Commission. See my complete resume.

I have worked as a medical editor for a peer-reviewed medical journal, lead science writer for a pandemic influenza newsletter for Fortune 100 companies, marketing manager, and medical editor and writer for for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

In my free time, I enjoy international travel, reading, crossword puzzles, gardening, cooking, baking and trivia. I live in Excelsior, Minnesota with my husband, two children and four cats (I know).

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Mary Van Beusekom, MS, ELS, MWC

Freelance medical writer and editor

Minneapolis, Minnesota